Skepticon! with Josiah Biblename Mannion

Now that we’ve finally gotten here, and gotten settled… well, I’m not settled. My chest is pounding. Stupid anxiety or some stupid thing. But, still really really good. I’m beyond happy to be here. I’ve already seen people here that just let me know that there is something about this conference that is a home of sorts. Some of the fantastic women from Secular Woman. One of the board members of the American Humanist Association. Amanda Knief. Phil Ferguson. Listening to Amanda tell stories from the research for her new book, and be worried that she’s boring us. If you’ve never heard Amanda tell stories, you should, because she has a truly infectious way of telling stories that wraps you up in it. Her enthusiasm and intelligence, the connections that she can make to other levels of meaning and importance. It’s one of the things that makes her so uniquely qualified to do the work that she does. I can’t wait to read her upcoming book, it’s going to be fucking fantastic.

I think the only little sore spot so far has been that Jamie Kilstein isn’t going to be coming to perform at Skepticon, and that the events surrounding that weren’t the fun sort. Which really sucks, because he and John Frusciante are fucking hilarious and I love the work that Jamie and Allison Kilkenny do; Citizen Radio has become such an important part of my daily listening, and I really wanted to get a signed copy of #NEWSFAIL, too. Eh, well. Maybe I can make it to Chicago to see the show there? Who knows.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve already gotten hugs from a whole bunch of awesome people and awesome activists here. And it’s only going to get better. With that said, I’m plugging the battery on my camera in, gonna veg out to some music, and read a book for a bit (I dug out my sociology texts on Atheism and Secularity edited by Phil Zuckerman for the trip! Seemed appropriate. ;-) )

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