​Meet An Atheist - La Vista Style: The Rain-Delayed Version

Story By Beverly Carlson - Director of Community Service and Picnic Aficionado

This meet was almost rained out again, but by afternoon the sky cleared and the evening in the park was beautiful. Our group was there with lots of munchies and lots of enthusiasm. And chicken. Lots and lots of chicken! There were no visitors asking questions this time, although there were several people who drove through the parking lot a few times, so we don’t know if they were curious about us, but hesitant to stop or if they were just residents out on alovely evening and wanted a drive through the park. Perhaps it was the S’mores mobile that drew their attention! Thanks, Tom, for that addition! Despite not having people stop to ask questions, we still had a good time doing things at which we excel – eating, talking, laughing and watching the kids run wild on the playground equipment. It’s disappointing that no one else came, but it was still a success. We offered the opportunity to engage us in conversation, and we were there and ready. This is what mattered,that we showed up and we’ll keep showing up. We’ll hold more of these events, people will eventually come to satisfy their curiosity and along the way we’ll change the perception of us with at least some of them. Keep showing up. This matters. This and chicken. Lots and lots of chicken…


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Founded in 2008, Omaha Atheists is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to building a positive community for non-theists, fostering secular viewpoints, promoting and being an ally for social causes, supporting charitable contributions to society, and protecting the separation of church and state.

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