Pilger Tornado Relief

Story by Beverly Carlson, Director of Community Service

The June tornadoes in Pilger left few residents without damage, but, as always, residents in the state and beyond have stepped up to help, including Omaha Atheists. The total given to the Pilger community fund so far is near $400,000, with donations still arriving. Our donationwas $275.99, and was sent with the attached letter.

The donation committee in Pilger has already begun allocating the money so that residents can begin rebuilding, paying insurance deductibles, and any of the other many expenses they will have. The committee intends to distribute 100percent of the donated money, and no expenses for managing the funds will be subtracted, which is a very good thing.

To all those who donated, thank you very much for, once again, proving that it’s easy to be good without God!

Pilger Community Development Fund


Midwest Bank

PO Box 346

Pilger, NE 68768

This donation of is courtesy of themembership of Omaha Atheists. On behalfof the entire Board of Directors and our members, we hope that everyoneaffected by the tornado will be able to recover as quickly and effortlessly asis possible in these situations, and we send our admiration for the resilienceof the residents of Pilger.


Beverly Carlson

Director of Community Service for OmahaAtheists



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