Habitat for Humanity

Story by Beverly Carlson, Director of Community Service and Basic Do-Gooder

Oh, the Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity, that is. On June 15th, an intrepid team of volunteers from Omaha Atheists spent the day working for Habitat for Humanity’s “Rock the Block” effort, which is a blitz event to add the finishing touches after the houses are built. There were 10 of the new structures along a two-block stretch, all of which were almost ready to make the transition from “house” to “home.” Our group was hard at it, scraping weeds from sidewalks and removing overgrown brush from between buildings and fences, both by hand and with various cutting implements. These weren’t your everyday dandelions, because at one point “Anybody got an axe?” was yelled from behind a garage! Buckets of trash were collected from the area. Landscaping was needed, too. Our volunteers prepared the soil, dug the holes, planted daylilies and roses, and then mulched it all, making the yards bright and cheerful. It was a hot day and it was hard work, but we were happy to play even a small part in the effort to get those ten houses ready for their families. I would urge anyone who has a chance to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity to do so, even for a few hours, because the feeling you’ll get is fantastic. Thanks to Meagan, RJ, Jill, Pat and Jazmyn for all the hard work and to Josiah, for once again providing great photos!


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