Omaha Atheists vs. Suburban Rotary

Story by Mark Graeve, Lead Off Hitter and OA Roving Reporter

On the calendar, this was Game #7, but due to frequent rain outs this season, it was only our third game of the year. This week, the opposing team was Suburban Rotary, a new opponent for us. Whenever we play against a team for the first time, we are on guard a little bit. Sometimes there are awkward or even tense moments due to our being an atheist team. Nothing like that happened this week. Everyone on the team was friendly and talkative. Even when there was a controversial call by the umpire, both teams kept their cool. This game was a great example of why we have an Omaha Atheists softball team. Every time we meet a new team and have a positive experience (which is most of the time), we are dispelling myths and misconceptions that people may have about atheists and nonbelievers. It is a fun way to break down barriers between us and them. It's even more fun when we win. On that side, this was a great game. We scored early and often on our way to an 11-3 win. Not only did we win, but we got contributions from everywhere. I think everyone on the team got on base at least once. Scott Thompson led the way with multiple hits including a home run. Meagan Wilson hit well and made a nice play on a potentially wild throw to first base. Aaron Boykin and Chad Galbraith added a couple of hits each, and Aaron made a dramatic catch on a long fly ball to end the game. Erin with an E played a solid second base and had at least one hit. This was a total team effort, and it showed on the scoreboard. Great job everyone. Next game is June 22nd at 6:30 Current Record: 1 win-2 losses-4 rain outs


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