OA Softball Team Game #5: OA vs Dave Busters

By Meagan Wilson, Softball Team Manager, Chief Coin Flip Caller

Before each game begins, the umpire calls the two team managers up to home plate to introduce ourselves to the umpire and to have the coin flip to see who gets to be the “home” team. This game started as every other games starts with the umpire calling us up to the plate. I arrived first to the plate as the other team’s manager was busy getting his team into their dugout. The umpire asked me which team I was with, and as I usually do, I try to say as proudly as I can, “Omaha Atheists”.

That’s when this conversation became interesting. The umpire looked a little taken aback, and responded, “You’ve got to be s***ting me,” to which I replied, “I hope not. I have a t-shirt and a hat that says that I’m with them. I’m Meagan, the president of Omaha Atheists. Nice to meet you.” He didn’t shake the hand that I offered, but instead responded with, “I’m not going to comment on that.” He then rudely turned away from me to the other team’s manager, who had heard our exchange, and got their information.

Since I had arrived to the plate first, I got to call the coin in the air, and I got it correct for the 9th or 10th time (I think) in a row. How statistically possible is that?

Play begins, and to the umpire’s credit, he doesn’t seem to allow the word “atheist” to affect his calling of the game. (In the past, it has.)

Later in the game, the other team’s manager came up to me, and he apologized to me for how rude the umpire had been to me/us at the beginning of the game. Also, I was chatting with the gentleman who was coaching third base for a while, and he was excited to learn about OA and asked a few questions about our organization. He was super excited to learn about Dr. Tyson coming to town in September.

All in all, we lost the game (pretty badly) to Dave Busters, but at least this team had good sportsmanship and was nice about a bad situation.

After the game, several OA teammates ended up going out for dinner, drinks and camaraderie.

OA’s Softball Team Record: 0 wins, 2 losses, 3 rain-outs.


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